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25 Jun 2020

This is…

THIS IS US… Most probably one of the best written and edited drama series I’ve ever seen, or at least in MY opinion. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, This Is Us according to Wikipedia is
30 Oct 2016

Bloom where you are planted

After a long, extremely busy and stressful winter, my favourite season of the year made its appearance a few weeks ago – Spring (although it feels like mid-summer here in SA already!) Spring is a season which
13 Aug 2016

It doesn’t take much

  I regularly find myself getting up rushed and tired, so many things to do to get through the day. A career to build, groceries to buy, bills to pay, errands to run, dinner to cook, a
13 Jul 2016

The Promise of Blue Cheese

Have you ever craved something so badly you could actually taste it in your mouth? You knew exactly what it was supposed to look, taste and smell like. You could even determine how that one thing would
31 May 2016

A different kind of normal

As most of you probably know, April was world autism awareness month. A month dedicated to educate and make the world aware that autism is indeed real and that the numbers of kids diagnosed are on the increase
17 Mar 2016

When hope becomes the enemy

When we decided to make the move from what was my university-home-town to where we are now, my teaching-town, we did not only do it to survive, we also did it, because in our hearts we knew
23 Feb 2016

The unspoken heart ache

The beginning of a new school year… media, news bulletins, newspaper headings, morning radio shows are all flooded with the same thing, first day of school, pictures of happy kids in their brand new uniform, shiny shoes
14 Feb 2016

God fearing parents

It is not something I used to think about while I was growing up.  It’s one of those things that you take for granted until you’re old enough to realise how privileged you are. My mom and
2 Feb 2016

A breath of fresh air

Have you ever drowned? Or rather, almost drowned? The feeling where you are gasping for air, lungs burning, every time just getting enough to keep you going for a few seconds before the need to gasp for
11 Oct 2015

Exceptionally Ordinary

  The struggle of composing this piece for the blog has now entered it’s second month.  For reasons absolutely beyond me I have found it impossible to get my thoughts in order.  My life, arrogant as that
13 Sep 2015

You always have a choice

Since I could remember, I was a sucker for any inspirational movie, sport stars with an inspirational success story behind them, stories of people that overcame great barriers in life to be successful, in fact I still
30 Aug 2015

More willing…

You know that gut wrenching feeling when something you hoped for and was 100% certain about, doesn’t happen? It feels as if the ground under your feet gives way and you can’t breathe. On 16 December 2007
16 Aug 2015

Old Big Foot

  This one is for all of you who don’t fit the regular mould, literally! Whose feet or thighs or arms and legs or behind are just not the “right” size or shape. That size and shape
30 Jul 2015

To God knows where..

It was somewhere in High School, when I was still very much stuck in the grips of adolescence, when somebody told me that they think I should study to be a minister or pastor in a church. 
26 Jul 2015

The Big Move

Moving around is not in my blood. I come from a line of farmers who stayed in one place their whole lives. For the first seventeen years of my life we only moved once when I was
12 Jun 2015

Getting Up

I can still remember the over-sized, sunny lounge in the farm house where I grew up. In it stood a wooden couch that my parents got from Ouma Cloete (my Dad’s mom) when she moved to a
4 Jun 2015

I am a farm girl

  I have been able to spot someone who had grown up on a farm all my life.  It’s not as if they talk differently or dress funny or anything as obvious as that — it’s more
31 May 2015

The Caterpillar Perspective

If I ask you to choose a symbol for your life, what would it be? What would you compare your life with? Since I can remember I’ve compared my life to that of a butterfly… or actually
26 May 2015

The Check List

Have you ever made plans for your future or had a picture in your mind of how things would play out? Of course you have, all of us do. I was the master planner when it came