Memories Archive

5 Feb 2021

My Dad taught me…

On 13 April 1935 God sent a very special angel to earth and on 12 October 2020, after a full and happy life, that angel’s time on earth was done. After 63 years of married life my
27 Jul 2019

‘n Warm Wolmus

Kyk, my ma is nou nie wat ek die naaldwerk en kleremaak tipe sal noem nie. Gee haar eerder ‘n verfkwas en sy sal vir jou wys hoe dit gedoen moet word, of laat haar in die
27 Jun 2019

Lida se brood

Op 2 September 2014 het my pa sy laaste asem uitgeblaas.  Dit was een dag korter as dertien maande vandat hy met kanker gediagnoseer is.  Hy was 58. 16 Junie 2019 was die 5de Vadersdag sonder hom.
4 Jan 2019

The Soundtrack to your life

One Saturday morning early in 2018, my husband and I found ourselves glued to our computer screen, watching one YouTube video after another… For the first time in years we had reliable fast internet and we just
20 Nov 2018

I see you

I just love Facebook memories! As I use Facebook to share my story of hope to the world, these memories are filled with beautiful and heart warming reminders of how Gian progressed throughout the years, his hard
4 Nov 2018

Is dit hoe die hemel lyk?

  Die pad lyk bekend, soos ek ry sien ek bekende bakens uit my kindertyd in die Laeveld. Tussen Hazyview en Sabie kies my motor self  ‘n afdraaipaadjie wat links tussen die piesangplantasies op kronkel. Ek besef
2 Feb 2016

A breath of fresh air

Have you ever drowned? Or rather, almost drowned? The feeling where you are gasping for air, lungs burning, every time just getting enough to keep you going for a few seconds before the need to gasp for
1 Nov 2015

No greater love

There is a saying in the autism community that goes: “If you want to know how to treat a child with autism…look to their sibling, they will show you.” I totally agree, there is no greater love
30 Aug 2015

More willing…

You know that gut wrenching feeling when something you hoped for and was 100% certain about, doesn’t happen? It feels as if the ground under your feet gives way and you can’t breathe. On 16 December 2007
16 Aug 2015

Old Big Foot

  This one is for all of you who don’t fit the regular mould, literally! Whose feet or thighs or arms and legs or behind are just not the “right” size or shape. That size and shape
4 Aug 2015

Angels along the way

  The words of Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “Jesus will meet you there” touch my heart every time I listen to it, maybe because I experience it every day on my journey with Gian. “Whatever road this
30 Jul 2015

To God knows where..

It was somewhere in High School, when I was still very much stuck in the grips of adolescence, when somebody told me that they think I should study to be a minister or pastor in a church. 
7 Jul 2015

Home is where the heart is

They say home is where the heart is and that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I fully agree with this. But, the heart needs a pulse, something that makes it alive. An empty kitchen,
1 Jul 2015

Why me?

A question, so many of us ask God sometime in our life when things do not turn out the way we plan or if something bad happens to you… A question, I asked God a few times
12 Jun 2015

Getting Up

I can still remember the over-sized, sunny lounge in the farm house where I grew up. In it stood a wooden couch that my parents got from Ouma Cloete (my Dad’s mom) when she moved to a
4 Jun 2015

I am a farm girl

  I have been able to spot someone who had grown up on a farm all my life.  It’s not as if they talk differently or dress funny or anything as obvious as that — it’s more
31 May 2015

The Caterpillar Perspective

If I ask you to choose a symbol for your life, what would it be? What would you compare your life with? Since I can remember I’ve compared my life to that of a butterfly… or actually
26 May 2015

The Check List

Have you ever made plans for your future or had a picture in your mind of how things would play out? Of course you have, all of us do. I was the master planner when it came
25 May 2015

Spiced biscuits, Cutex remover and hairspray

When I was seventeen, in my final year of high school, I was sitting in a cold exam hall. We were waiting to write an Afrikaans Creative writing exam. It was one of those exams where you
25 May 2015

Through Heaven’s Eyes

My grandmother was a formidable woman. She grew up on a farm near a river in the Free State in a time when a trip to church or school meant a 4-hour trek with a horse drawn