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17 Dec 2018

The Sharpest knife in the drawer

I know what you’re thinking . . . this is going to be a heart-warming story about someone overcoming suffering or prejudice, or both, with some celebration of the human spirit and a happy ending, leaving the
14 Feb 2016

God fearing parents

It is not something I used to think about while I was growing up.  It’s one of those things that you take for granted until you’re old enough to realise how privileged you are. My mom and
16 Aug 2015

Old Big Foot

  This one is for all of you who don’t fit the regular mould, literally! Whose feet or thighs or arms and legs or behind are just not the “right” size or shape. That size and shape
26 Jul 2015

The Big Move

Moving around is not in my blood. I come from a line of farmers who stayed in one place their whole lives. For the first seventeen years of my life we only moved once when I was
4 Jun 2015

I am a farm girl

  I have been able to spot someone who had grown up on a farm all my life.  It’s not as if they talk differently or dress funny or anything as obvious as that — it’s more
25 May 2015

The Lady and the Sea

I don’t know how to explain what the sea means to me, and I don’t expect you to understand, unless you share the same affliction. This unexplained yearning, this pull so strong that it literally makes you
25 May 2015

Through Heaven’s Eyes

My grandmother was a formidable woman. She grew up on a farm near a river in the Free State in a time when a trip to church or school meant a 4-hour trek with a horse drawn