Pauli Nigrini, founder of The Butterfly Diaries, is an ex preschool teacher with an absolute passion for special needs, co-business owner at InSense Dynamix, wife to an angel out of heaven, mom to two beautiful boys, lover of God, people and life, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and a sucker for anything inspirational.

Lerika Du Plessis is passionate about life, she is a dedicated child of God, daughter, sister, attorney at Spies M Plessis, wife of an amazing husband and mom to a precious princess and the most awesome autistic boy. Through her journey of Hope, Faith and Love as a special needs mom, she dreams to inspire other parents in her shoes and to assure them, that there is always hope.

Louise van Heerden is a wife and mother of four young women. She is determined to fill the approaching empty nest with friends, coffee, food, art and lots of long walks on the beaches of St Helena Bay where she is lucky enough to be living.

Mathys Bornman

God has granted me the privilege to be a married man and the earthly father of two princesses. I started life as a farm boy, danced for a living, studied to be a minister, worked to be an academic, tried being a teacher and ended up in marketing. I am good at overthinking life, relationships, religion and politics. I can cook and I know how a washing machine works. There are dogs living in my house and sometimes I can get plants to grow. My life is not my own. Mathys Bornman

Steenkamp Boëttger lives happily in Potchefstroom with his best friend and life companion of 25 years. Together they enjoy the outdoors, camping with their off road trailer and walking their two dogs. His life philosophy: Respect  to be respected.

Felicity Morris is a wife and mommy to three beautiful children. Felicity attempts to juggle work and home and children – a daring feat for so many moms. As a Speech and Language Therapist and empathetic to the struggles facing modern day parents, she has founded Together Therapy – an online platform to encourage parents to use everyday life to connect with their children and build essential communication skills needed for school and life.