29 Apr 2022

To wait

Let’s face it, I have never been good at waiting, whether it is in a queue at the local supermarket or for a doctor’s appointment. I am sorry, but my personality just doesn’t allow for it! Through
5 Feb 2021

My Dad taught me…

On 13 April 1935 God sent a very special angel to earth and on 12 October 2020, after a full and happy life, that angel’s time on earth was done. After 63 years of married life my
20 Jan 2021

The Present your child wants most

The flurry of paper ripping and squeals and giggles is still fresh in my mind. Christmas, the time of year for gifts, has just rolled through. Everybody loves presents, every child especially loves them. But would you believe that there
25 Jun 2020

This is…

THIS IS US… Most probably one of the best written and edited drama series I’ve ever seen, or at least in MY opinion. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, This Is Us according to Wikipedia is
27 Jul 2019

‘n Warm Wolmus

Kyk, my ma is nou nie wat ek die naaldwerk en kleremaak tipe sal noem nie. Gee haar eerder ‘n verfkwas en sy sal vir jou wys hoe dit gedoen moet word, of laat haar in die
27 Jun 2019

Lida se brood

Op 2 September 2014 het my pa sy laaste asem uitgeblaas.  Dit was een dag korter as dertien maande vandat hy met kanker gediagnoseer is.  Hy was 58. 16 Junie 2019 was die 5de Vadersdag sonder hom.
27 Apr 2019

‘n Perd van ‘n ander kleur

Slaap is regtig ‘n wondersoete ding, vra maar vir die wat nie in hierdie nektar van rus kan deel nie. Dit is galbitter. Dit is ‘n week wat ek nou al nie slaap nie. Doodmoeg skuifel ek
3 Feb 2019

Eating humble pie

There it was again…  I was in the midst of another mad clean up – trying in vain to create some sense of order in this little boy chaos. One moment, relieved to find the camp-pack-list that
12 Jan 2019

Sparkling pools and shiny cars

Futility. Noun. Meaning: Uselessness or powerlessness.  A well known english proverb states that only idiots repeat the same actions over and over, each time expecting a different result. During my days at Varsity, we used to call
4 Jan 2019

The Soundtrack to your life

One Saturday morning early in 2018, my husband and I found ourselves glued to our computer screen, watching one YouTube video after another… For the first time in years we had reliable fast internet and we just
17 Dec 2018

The Sharpest knife in the drawer

I know what you’re thinking . . . this is going to be a heart-warming story about someone overcoming suffering or prejudice, or both, with some celebration of the human spirit and a happy ending, leaving the
20 Nov 2018

I see you

I just love Facebook memories! As I use Facebook to share my story of hope to the world, these memories are filled with beautiful and heart warming reminders of how Gian progressed throughout the years, his hard
4 Nov 2018

Is dit hoe die hemel lyk?

  Die pad lyk bekend, soos ek ry sien ek bekende bakens uit my kindertyd in die Laeveld. Tussen Hazyview en Sabie kies my motor self  ‘n afdraaipaadjie wat links tussen die piesangplantasies op kronkel. Ek besef
28 Oct 2018

In love with a tree

There was a distant hum in my brain, but I subconsciously dismissed it, put it down to more building work close by. The drone continued, finally pushed its way into my conscious mind which lead me over
30 Oct 2016

Bloom where you are planted

After a long, extremely busy and stressful winter, my favourite season of the year made its appearance a few weeks ago – Spring (although it feels like mid-summer here in SA already!) Spring is a season which
13 Aug 2016

It doesn’t take much

  I regularly find myself getting up rushed and tired, so many things to do to get through the day. A career to build, groceries to buy, bills to pay, errands to run, dinner to cook, a
13 Jul 2016

The Promise of Blue Cheese

Have you ever craved something so badly you could actually taste it in your mouth? You knew exactly what it was supposed to look, taste and smell like. You could even determine how that one thing would
31 May 2016

A different kind of normal

As most of you probably know, April was world autism awareness month. A month dedicated to educate and make the world aware that autism is indeed real and that the numbers of kids diagnosed are on the increase
17 Mar 2016

When hope becomes the enemy

When we decided to make the move from what was my university-home-town to where we are now, my teaching-town, we did not only do it to survive, we also did it, because in our hearts we knew
23 Feb 2016

The unspoken heart ache

The beginning of a new school year…..social media, news bulletins, newspaper headings, morning radio shows are all flooded with the same thing, first day of school, pictures of happy kids in their brand new uniform, shiny shoes