Pauli foto

I am Pauli Nigrini.

Ex pre-school teacher with an absolute passion for special needs, business owner, wife to an angel out of heaven, mom to two beautiful boys, lover of people and life, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and firm believer that God has amazing plans for everyone who trusts and believe…

In essence this blog serves as a reminder of myself to myself of the road and the journey that I’m on. I am also sadly aware of the brokenness of this world and sometimes just need a reminder to focus on the good out there. Hopefully in your reading of our thoughts on everyday life you may be able to see the everyday greatness of our awesome God.

I am also a sucker for anything inspirational. These include incredible lives lived, movies, music, books and food.

I hope that by sharing stories of my own caterpillar-to-butterfly experience, present and past as well as my thoughts on life… someone might be inspired to believe and fly again… even if that person is only me.

It is also my privilege to share this platform with our amazing contributors. May you also be inspired by their thoughts.

Photo by Melanie Wessels Photography